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Buy Spotify Plays


Buy Spotify Plays – 1000 Plays for US$5

0-24h Start time
300-500/per day speed for small orders
Up to 20k/day speed for large orders
Max 100,000,000.
Use Spotify Track Link only 
Royalties Eligible! USA Safe Plays! Best Plays On Market! 
60-120 Play Time!
You will increase your Monthly Listeners count!
Slowly-Drip feed delivery! 
Incremental speed based on amount. Bigger orders = faster speed!
Non Drop ( 60 days guarantee); 
For big orders is recommended to split across multiple songs!
Special Bulk Pricing ! 500k+, 1mil+ Contact us for more info!

To Buy more, simply increase Quantity in Order Form



Buy Spotify Plays

Many artists on Spotify are ignored simply because they don’t have enough “plays” on their songs. Buying Spotify Plays gives listeners the impression that your music is worth checking out and should not be ignored!

Adding Spotify Plays attracts new listeners to your music who may start following you and become your fans which would definitely increase your popularity.

The most important factors that determines the popularity and how the tracks are ranked on Spotify are the total number of plays and recent frequency of plays. When you buy Spotify Plays you are directly increasing the popularity of your music. And Not only do our Spotify Plays increase your popularity, but these royalty eligible plays can put money in your pocket as well. Plays also improve royalty rates. Buying Spotify Plays is a win win all around!

Additional information

Buy Spotify Plays

Buy Spotify Custom Playlist Plays [Max 1M]

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